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DP Shrivastava

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DP Shrivastava


Education & Training

After starting career in 1978 as a Medical Representative with Glaxo Pharma, the quest for the uncharted and unknown path made D.P. Shrivastava  professionally traverse for forty two years across the country and world, culminating as the Head of Mylan – Brazil. During this journey he handled all the the functions required to run a pharmaceutical business and has been employed by leading National and Multinational enterprises.

This professional journey of over 42 years he has continuously endeavoured to overcome the challenges that he confronted in the pharma industry.

His work in the industry, coincided with the transformational changes that was occurring simultaneously in the pharma sphere. Hence, the evolution of the Pharma industry has become a vehicle to accost and imbibe the knowledge and skills required to stay abreast with the progress.  While commercial acumen is his core strength, scientific advances and research & development has always raised my curiosity and appetite for learning.